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Attorney Details
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Gary G. KrafftRetired

Gary Krafft has been with the firm since 1975. He was also an Assistant District Attorney for Lancaster County and gained invaluable trial experience prosecuting a wide range of cases. In private practice, Gary provides a variety of legal services to numerous clients. He has the distinct pleasure of representing several generations within the same family and receives countless personal referrals.

Gary represents individual clients in all aspects of Family Law. An aggressive and effective advocate, he not only receives referrals from his clients, but also from opposing parties who have personally observed his effective negotiation skills and courtroom presence. In addition, his extensive experience allows him to effectively resolve complex matters, including divorces involving significant assets, business interests and high income individuals.

Gary also advises clients on Estate Planning and Estate Administration. He counsels clients proactively as they begin to think about protecting their children’s interests or as their personal circumstances change. He also works with individuals and families to probate and administer estates.

Gary represents business owners and individuals in a wide variety of litigation matters. He successfully guides clients through the dispute resolution process utilizing mediation, arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. And, when a dispute cannot be resolved in a conciliatory manner, Gary is a fervent advocate in court where he relies on his distinguished courtroom demeanor and effective persuasion skills.

A native of Ephrata, Gary serves as solicitor to the Ephrata Area Joint Authority and the Ephrata Zoning Hearing Board. He has earned an outstanding reputation for his practical approach to the law and his advice regarding legal issues specific to municipalities and municipal authorities is highly valued.

Gary is a member of the Ephrata Rotary Club, was a member of the Ephrata Area School District Board from 1985 to 2001 and served as its President from 1992 to 1996. He resides in Ephrata with his wife, Rosalind, and enjoys spending time with his two children and granddaughter.

Did you know?  Gary is a car buff and the proud owner of two classic British Sports Cars, a 1952 MGTD and a 1962 TR3B he restored several years ago.