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Service Details


We Guide Clients Through All Aspects of a DUI Offense

The legal consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) could include excessive fines, potential jail time and a lengthy driver’s license suspension. Our attorneys understand the severity of these consequences and are able to address any of your questions or concerns in order to guide you through the process of dealing with a DUI offense.

The Benefits of the ARD Program

We are able to help clients determine if they are eligible for the Alternative Rehabilitative Disposition Program (ARD). The ARD program has three main advantages over a conviction for DUI:

  • No Jail Time
  • Significantly Reduced Driver’s License Suspension
  • Expunged From a Criminal Record

Attorney guidance can be critical to the ARD application process. The ARD program has strict compliance rules and time frames. A simple procedural or timing error could render you unqualified to benefit from the program. Our attorneys determine a client’s eligibility for this program and lead them safely through the application process.

We Represent Clients at Preliminary and Suppression Hearings and Determine the Best Course of Action

Before a DUI case can be brought to trial, it must be "held to Court" by a Magisterial District Judge. We represent our clients at preliminary hearings and counsel them on the best possible course of action.

In order for a DUI charge to be valid, the police must have reasonable cause to believe a violation of the law has occurred in order to initiate the traffic stop leading to the charge. Our attorneys thoroughly examine each client’s case to determine if the stop was legal and, if the stop was not legal, represent the client at a suppression hearing to have the stop deemed illegal by a judge.

Our Attorneys are Experienced in Defending DUI Charges at Trial

In order to secure a DUI conviction, the prosecutors must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the accused has committed the crime. This requires either the unanimous verdict of a jury or the decision of a judge. Our attorneys have extensive experience in defending DUI charges and achieving successful outcomes for our clients.

Our Attorneys Will Represent Your Best Interests

We represent our client’s best interests throughout each step of the process and, when appropirate, in negotiating with the District Attorney’s office to obtain a favorable plea bargain.