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Human Resources & Employment Law

A Proactive Approach to Human Resource and Employment Matters

Employers are faced with a wide range of complex employment law issues, whether you have two or two thousand employees. We provide guidance to assist in compliance with federal and state requirements, and emphasize a proactive effort to prevent enforcement actions and costly litigation. Not only do we act as trusted counsel on behalf of your business but our attorneys seek to build longstanding relationships with the businesses we serve, enabling us to better understand the unique needs of your organization.

Counsel on a Broad Range of Issues to Help Your Business Succeed

Our attorneys work closely with business owners, office managers and human resource professionals to provide guidance with regard to a broad range of employment issues. Whether you are drafting or reviewing employment policies or contracts, hiring, firing or defending an employment claim, consulting with an attorney will help you navigate the complex legal issues associated with employment matters. Our goal is to help employers develop policies that will allow them to avoid future issues and assist in effectively resolving matters that arise so that they can turn their attention to the day to day matters that are essential to the success and growth of their business. Following are some of the ways in which we assist employers are:

  • Advise on hiring and termination procedures
  • Prepare effective severance agreements including provisions necessary to ensure enforceability, non-disparagement and confidentiality
  • Draft effective employment agreements and restrictive covenants with knowledge of enforceability
  • Review and revise written policy and handbook provisions to clearly communicate your culture and state your compliance with employment laws
  • Advise or conduct internal investigations with respect to employee harassment, theft, violation of policy, regulations or criminal statutes
  • Audit internal practices with respect to wage and hour issues such as overtime, minimum wage and state and federal child labor requirements
  • Provide interpretation of drug testing, ADA safeguards, interaction of leave policies and laws and regulations, workers compensation protections, OSHA violations and disability laws with respect to prospective and existing employees
  • Provide experienced representation before administrative agencies, alternative dispute resolution forums and courts on claims made under Title VII, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act, Unemployment Compensation law, Wage Payment and Collection law, wrongful discharge common law claims and contract and restrictive covenant enforceability claims
  • Consult on employee benefit issues
  • Understand the distinctive challenges facing municipal and public employers and appreciate the differing obligations of the public employer

Recent Updates & Recommended Articles on the Lancaster Law Blog:

  • Employment Law Update: Court Holds Internet-Based Noncompetition Agreement Enforceable
    • Imagine this scenario: you’re excited about your new job with a large payroll processing company, and as a part of the employment offer, you’re directed to a company website that contains the terms of a stock award program. You quickly skim through it, check the box indicating that you’ve read and accept the terms, and click submit. As you skimmed through it though, you missed that the terms included a non-solicitation clause that restricts you from soliciting clients and prospective clients for one year after you leave the company.
  • Employment Law Update: Pennsylvania Court Rules Employee Drug Test Results Not Confidential
    • Pursuant to a recent ruling by the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, employers who require employees to take drug or alcohol tests are not required to keep the results of such tests confidential pursuant to the Pennsylvania Drug and Alcohol Abuse Control Act.
  • Debunking Common Employment Law Myths
    • As a follow-up to my recent presentation to the talented entrepreneurs at Assets Lancaster about employment and business law issues, I wanted to create a resource that outlines some of the myths we hear associated with employment and the law.