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Service Details

Real Estate - Commercial

When buying, selling, leasing or renting real estate, a business faces important decisions, the consequences of which could affect that business for years to come. We counsel our business clients across the full spectrum of commercial real estate concerns assisting them in achieving positive results in all real estate transactions. Our attorneys have expertise in the following areas:

  • Selling or Purchasing Real Property: From ensuring that a deed properly conveys the property it represents, to protecting a business from any potential liabilities of the real property, to investigating whether a new business entity needs to be created in order to hold the property, to negotiating the terms of the sale, our experienced attorneys facilitate smooth and trouble-free transfers of property. In addition, we assist clients in obtaining title insurance and perform settlement services as an agent of First American Title.
  • Refinancing a Business’ Real Property: We counsel our clients in all areas of refinancing and skillfully conduct negotiations with their mortgage brokers. We analyze whether or not it will benefit a client’s business to refinance any loans secured by their business’ real estate and, if so, clarify the value or liability of any differences between the old and new loans.
  • Leasing Property as Tenant or Landlord: We ensure that any rental agreement entered into by our clients fully represents the intended rental arrangement. We clarify any responsibilities, obligations or liabilities a client’s business may be exposed to by entering into the lease. And, when necessary, we negotiate the lease itself, creating the most advantageous position possible for our client.
  • Condominiums: We help our clients convert real property into condominiums for business or residential use and assist them in the formation of condominium unit owners’ associations. We achieve these goals with a commitment to minimizing our clients’ exposure to liability.
  • Boundary Disputes: We negotiate, settle or litigate boundary disputes resulting from surveys, issues of encroachment or use of neighboring property for a specific, limited purpose.
  • Tax Assessment Issues: When a higher assessed value of a property results in higher property taxes, we represent our clients in the appeal of any exaggerated assessed value of their property.
  • Condemnation/Eminent Domain: We protect our client’s interests by negotiating or litigating on their behalf to ensure that property is not being taken illegally and that in the event property is taken legally, compensation for such taking is fair.
  • Property Tax Exemption for Nonprofit Organizations:  Most nonprofits that own real property are entitled to relief from local property taxes.  We guide our nonprofit clients through the process of applying for and receiving such tax exemptions.

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