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Service Details

Title Agency - Lititz Pike Abstracting Co., Inc.


As a Buyer, You Have the Right to Choose Your Title Insurer and Settlement Agent

Our firm has its own title insurance agency, Lititz Pike Abstracting Co., Inc.,  through which we provide full settlement services.  Title insurance is issued through First American Title Insurance Company.   Title insurance rates are regulated by the state of Pennsylvania, so the cost of title insurance from Lititz Pike Abstracting Co., Inc. is the same as other title agencies.  For residential purchases and refinances we provide the value-added service of an experienced attorney handling your settlement for no additional fee, a service not provided by most title agencies. 

The Advantages of Involving a Lawyer in Your Real Estate Settlement

In today's real estate market it is more important than ever to be sure title is clear and the terms and conditions of the purchase or sale are what you intended.  Involving an attorney in the settlement gives you peace of mind throughout the process and at the settlement table, should issues arise.  In addition, as attorneys who regularly deal with real estate matters, we can assist and advise you regarding any issues relating to the sale or purchase, including concerns related to easements, rights of way, restrictions, condominiums or homeowners' associations and zoning and land use.

Added Value and Lower Cost

In addition to the added value of involving a lawyer in the settlement process, Lititz Pike Abstracting Co., Inc. offers competitive fees for other services typcially charged by title agencies.  Our document preparation, notary and miscellaneous fees are lower than most title agencies who add additional costs and sometimes increase these fees over the actual cost. The lowest applicable title insurance rates, discounted fees, the added benefit of having an attorney review your documents and attend your closing and the personalized service all of our clients have come to expect, combine to make us the clear choice for your next real estate settlement. 


Experience in Providing Title Insurance Services in Complex Real Estate Transactions

We are experienced in providing title insurance services in complex real estate transactions. We can provide title searches to assist in due diligence and review and advise buyers regarding the interpretation of restrictions, rights of way, easements and development restrictions.  We will provide the endorsements required by lenders for complex real estate financing transactions and guide you through closing.