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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property law is a complex practice that not only requires an understanding of the law itself, but also the goals and needs of the client. We assist artists, programmers, photographers, designers, bloggers and other businesses in protecting their intellectual property through copyright and trademark registration. We also guide them in establishing best practices with contracts such as independent contractor or employment agreements, work-for-hire agreements and assignments of intellectual property and drafting confidentiality and licensing agreements.

Properly documenting and understanding the process to transfer intellectual property is important when working with employees, independent contractors and in business transactions and acquisitions. In order to avoid costly infringement lawsuits and other causes of action, it is essential to make sure you own or have the right to use the appropriate intellectual property when doing business in any medium of advertising, marketing, or publication of company materials. Intellectual property issues also frequently arise in software licensing and development, web development and design of company branding and logos.

Intellectual property issues are key components to protecting your brand, your reputation and your work - we educate clients on their rights and obligations with respect to creation, use and licensing of intellectual property. In the event someone has taken your work without your permission or is piggybacking off the success of your brand, we can take the appropriate steps to identify, protect and enforce your rights. 

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