RKG Law regularly works with over 70 communities in Lancaster, York, Lebanon, Dauphin, Cumberland, Berks and Adams Counties. Our legal work encompasses everything that an association is concerned with, from collections and enforcement (going from demand letters the whole way to foreclosures, and including work in bankruptcy courts); to actions against builders and developers; document interpretation and revisions/amendments; borrowing; FHA approvals; interacting with municipal governments on behalf of associations; election issues; state filings; contract reviews, etc.

We prepare scores of rental limitations and parking policies (just to name two very universal topics), and have worked to enforce them in many communities. We manage infractions ranging from kiddie pools to pet violations to unapproved construction, and everything in between.

Board Guidance

Condominium and homeowners association boards are responsible for making important decisions and managing significant assets. Along the way, their decisions must comply with the association’s governing documents and Pennsylvania law. One wrong step can trigger tremendous liability exposure and generate considerable controversy. This is a tall order for people who serve on a volunteer basis, many of whom have never served on a board before. We help boards manage the business of the association and provide guidance as to their legal and ethical obligations.


Your assessments are the lifeblood of your community. With no other source of income, collecting your assessments is vital to a well-maintained and properly functioning condominium or homeowners’ association. While delinquencies are inevitable, how you handle them can make the difference between a minor issue and a significant cash flow problem. At RKG Law, we work with associations by assessing their collection needs and then developing a tailored plan of action to recover unpaid assessments quickly and cost-effectively. Aggressive and highly responsive, we deliver strategic results that improve your bottom line without adding to it.

Enforcement of Rules and Regulations

Enforcement of rules and regulations is one of the most important duties that an association has. Unfortunately, it is also one of the duties that are most often neglected as it tends to generate a great deal of controversy and potential legal issues. To be effective, the process requires deft management, careful consideration, and prudence backed by experience. By partnering with RKG Law, you can leverage our knowledge and experience to ensure that your association’s rules are enforced in a fair and cost-effective manner.

Interpretation and Amendment of Documents

Many associations live with the painful challenge of being subject to governing documents that are less than clear. Seasoned legal counsel can provide you with vital clarifications, built on interpretations that are rooted in the law and experience. In some cases, however, your best option is to amend your governing documents, but the process can be extraordinarily difficult. RKG Law has deep experience in assisting associations in navigating the amendment process from drafting the proposed language, to securing the necessary votes, to ensuring the amendments are properly documented.

Turnover from Developer

Transitioning from developer control is a huge first step for an association. Unfortunately, this process can be fraught with difficulties. The developer wants to transition away from their responsibilities as quickly as possible, which can sometimes leave associations with issues they shouldn’t have to resolve. Some of these issues can include unresolved construction warranty claims, unanswered financial questions, and missing books and records. The association needs counsel on its side – not the developer’s – looking out for the best interests of the owners and the community. RKG Law has extensive experience in assisting HOAs and condominiums make a smooth transition from developer to owner control.

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