When buying, selling, leasing or renting real estate, a business faces important decisions, the consequences of which could affect that business for years to come. We counsel our business clients across the full spectrum of commercial real estate concerns assisting them in achieving positive results in all real estate transactions. Our attorneys have expertise in the following areas:

Zoning, Subdivision, and Land Development Approvals

We assist developers and property owners in all aspects of obtaining approvals for projects, including zoning, subdivision, and land development. Our attorneys are experienced at understanding the nuances within the various municipal ordinances, preparing thorough applications, and providing representation before municipal boards.

Buying & Selling Property

From ensuring that a deed properly conveys the property it represents, to protecting a business from any potential liabilities of the real property, to investigating whether a new business entity needs to be created in order to hold the property, to negotiating the terms of the sale, our experienced attorneys facilitate smooth and trouble-free transfers of property. In addition, we assist clients in obtaining title insurance and perform settlement services as an agent of First American Title.

Condominium/Planned Community Formation

We help our clients convert real property into condominiums or planned communities for business, residential, or mixed use. We are able to coordinate issues like zoning and muncipal approvals, construction and unit sales as well as the future operation of the association.


Time is money in the construction industry. Delays, disputes, and other conflicts can cost you, your partners, and others a considerable amount of capital, which is why you need an experienced construction attorney who can deftly take on whatever challenges may arise. We help our clients manage all of the legal aspects of any construction project they may be undertaking. From contracts to financing, as well we employment issues, we deliver results when you need them so that your project can proceed.


RKG Law has a proven track record of helping developers meet their goals. We work with commercial and residential developers, providing timely guidance and creative solutions to their legal challenges. We also assist with the formation of governing and corporate entities, funding, assignment of rights, and drafting of agreements and governing documents. Aggressive but focused on getting parties to come to the table, we are experienced facilitators who understand the dynamics involved in real estate development. RKG Law is positioned to provide full-service legal representation to developers and builders.


We ensure that any rental agreement entered into by our clients fully represents the intended rental arrangement. We clarify any responsibilities, obligations or liabilities a client’s business may be exposed to by entering into the lease. And, when necessary, we negotiate the lease itself, creating the most advantageous position possible for our client.


Landlords and tenants have a unique relationship that includes very specific potential legal issues. At RKG Law, we have extensive experience in representing both landlords and tenants which includes both avoiding and resolving conflicts. We handle cases involving security deposit disputes, evictions, property damage, and other issues, helping our clients find fast and cost-effective solutions. Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, you can’t afford to ignore whatever issue you are facing. RKG Law can help you understand your options and provide you with the guidance you need.

Fair Housing Act, Reasonable Accommodation, and Support Animals

The Fair Housing Act places multiple responsibilities on property owners that can be difficult to understand, let alone meet. To make matters worse, the legal landscape is constantly changing. At RKG Law, we stay abreast of the law so that we can provide our clients with the answers they need when they need them. Whether it is a request for reasonable accommodation, a question concerning a support or service animal, or other issues concerning fair housing, our attorneys help our clients find the right solutions to their problems.


Financing is the lifeblood of any real estate development or construction project. Fail to find the right financing and your project can’t move forward. The wrong financing can cost you money and eat away at already thin margins. You need someone who can help you steer through these challenges so that you can keep your project moving forward. At RKG Law, we understand the important role that financing plays in your project. We help our clients find the right financing, negotiate fair deals, and close their loans quickly and cost-effectively.

1031 Exchanges

1031 Exchanges, also known as Like-Kind Exchanges or Land Swaps, is a way to exchange real estate and defer some or all of the federal and state taxes that would otherwise be due and payable at the time of sale.  In order to complete a 1031 Exchange, a taxpayer must follow strict rules, and failure to comply with those rules will result in the exchange failing.  Our experienced attorneys can assist you in completing your 1031 Exchange.

Environmental and Agricultural

One of the most difficult challenges that property owners can face is complying with environmental laws and regulations. These laws can affect development projects, land use, and other aspects related to your property that you may not have anticipated. Similarly, agricultural land owners can also face unexpected challenges. Environmental and agricultural laws can significantly affect how you use your property and greatly increase the costs associated with construction, renovation, and other uses. We guide our clients through these legal requirements as well as defend them against regulatory enforcement actions.


When a higher assessed value of a property results in higher property taxes, we represent our clients in the appeal of any exaggerated assessed value of their property.

Title Insurance

Title issues are more common than people realize, and claims against the title can seriously jeopardize the value of your investment. Title insurance is indispensable, but you also need legal counsel to ensure that you are getting the coverage you need. An experienced title insurance attorney can also defend you against claims or help you pursue a claim against your title insurance policy. Whatever situation you find yourself in, RKG Law can help you find a solution to your title issue.

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