Our attorneys have decades of experience in serving the unique needs of the area's business community. We understand the challenges of growing in today's economic environment and, with that in mind, provide a wide range of services tailored to the unique needs of our clients. From professional services such as dentists, doctors and accountants, to restaurants, manufacturing and real estate developers, our firm has the experience to serve the specialized needs of many industries.

Getting to know our clients on a personal level builds strong relationships. It also allows us to provide the specialized and personalized legal services needed to help a business grow. Our dedicated attorneys assist our clients in choosing the best possible entity structure and advising in matters of management, tax and transferability of ownership implications for Corporations, S-Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships. And, we work closely with other highly skilled professionals such as accountants, real estate agents and financers to fully meet our client’s needs.

Business Succession Planning

Our firm has a long history of representing business owners and entrepreneurs. Succession planning is a complex process involving tax planning and family dynamics. Our business attorneys coordinate with members of the firm’s other practice areas and the client’s other professional advisors to create the best plan for our client and their families.


We collect debts, whether they are big or small, reduced to judgment, or at the outset of a matter.

Hospitality & Liquor License Law

Our attorneys have extensive experience in various transactions involving Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board licensees including restaurants, hotels, breweries, and wineries. We are able to assist clients in transferring liquor licenses, defending liquor license citations, renewing licenses and obtaining license extensions. We are also experienced in assisting clients in obtaining special permits and licenses and license safekeeping. We have the necessary experience to address your business’s unique needs involving any issue related to Pennsylvania’s regulation of liquor licenses. For more information, see our Hospitality & Liquor Licensing Page.

Human Resources & Employment Law

Employers are faced with a wide range of complex employment law issues, whether you have two or two thousand employees. We provide guidance to assist in compliance with federal and state requirements, and emphasize a proactive effort to prevent enforcement actions and costly litigation. Not only do we act as trusted counsel on behalf of your business but our attorneys seek to build longstanding relationships with the businesses we serve, enabling us to better understand the unique needs of your organization.

Our attorneys work closely with business owners, managers and human resource professionals to provide guidance with regard to a broad range of employment issues. Whether you are drafting or reviewing employment policies or contracts, hiring, firing or defending an employment claim, consulting with an attorney will help you navigate the complex legal issues associated with employment matters. Our goal is to help employers develop policies that will allow them to avoid future issues and assist in effectively resolving matters that arise so that they can turn their attention to the day to day matters that are essential to the success and growth of their business.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Completing a merger or an acquisition can mean tremendous success for you and your business. If handled incorrectly, however, it can jeopardize the value of the transaction and create numerous issues that could plague you for years to come. We provide forward-looking legal representation to businesses considering a merger or acquisition, delivering creative solutions to potential obstacles both large and small. Our firm can provide due diligence, assist in structuring and negotiating the transaction, and draft escrow agreements. In short, we help our clients with every step of the process from inception through completion and after.

Nonprofit & Tax-Exempt Organizations

Nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations face complications not encountered in the “for-profit” business world. Our attorneys understand the distinctive needs of our nonprofit clients and help them protect their tax-exempt status while fulfilling their mission. Many nonprofit organizations are formed for various reasons, such as relieving poverty, advancing religion, educating the public, contributing to science, lessening the burdens of government, fighting discrimination and combating the deterioration of communities. Other non-charitable, nonprofit organizations include civic associations, homeowners’ associations, labor unions, farmer co-ops, business leagues, chambers of commerce, real estate boards, fraternities, country clubs and credit unions. All of these types of organizations deal with unique legal concerns. With dedicated expertise and a commitment to addressing the broad range of issues faced by tax-exempt organizations and associations, our clients benefit from our counsel from the organizational stages of planning and development, through growth and expansion and on to the fulfillment of their missions. And, we assist in overcoming the obstacles that could potentially threaten a client’s tax-exempt status while also protecting the personal liability of their Board of Directors and officers.

Our attorneys are experienced in drafting conflict of interest policies as well as aiding nonprofit organizations in determining “reasonable compensation” for employees from the perspective of the Internal Revenue Code. We also guide our clients through transactions involving unrelated business income and joint ventures with “for-profit” businesses.


Our attorneys understand the complexities of federal, state and local tax law. Whether you require individual, business or estate tax expertise, our attorneys have the practical knowledge and experience to guide you toward a more advantageous tax position. Some services we provide businesses includes: tax planning and compliance guidance, tax updates, IRS disputes, business formation or conversion, purchasing or selling existing business, and dissolution.

Document Review

Whether it is for litigation or regulatory purposes, document review projects can consume an incredible amount of time and resources. Many businesses simply don’t have the ability to take these on, yet hesitate to engage outside help for fear of the potential cost or that they won’t get the level of review that they need. At RKG, we provide stress-free, trustworthy document review services to our clients in a quick and cost-effective manner so that you can focus on serving your customers and clients.

Enforcement of Regulations

Regulatory enforcement actions can be extremely problematic for your business. Whether it poses a temporary inconvenience or threatens to derail a core aspect of your business, your reputation and the future of your business may be at stake. Engaging outside help is essential to obtaining the best possible outcome, and we have extensive experience in helping our clients navigate the enforcement process. From conducting parallel investigations to challenging allegations of non-compliance, we work with you to develop a tailored strategy for putting this enforcement action behind you.

Governance & Election Issues

Businesses can face many challenges and all of them are not external. Some of the most difficult issues you face may arise from the governance of your business, whether it’s making a tough decision or challenges to the election of your officers and board members. We work side-by-side with board and c-suite executives to help them make the right decision and minimize potential liability exposure. Unfortunately, some challenges are unavoidable, and we work with clients when governance and election issues occur. Our guidance helps our clients find the right solution so that their businesses can get back on track and keep moving forward.

Fair Housing Act, Reasonable Accommodations, Support Animals

We help housing providers – like apartment owners and realtors – navigate issues like emotional support animals and whether they are required to make accommodations.

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