We understand that local governing bodies have diverse legal needs and that those needs are significantly impacted by their size, purpose and revenue. We represent municipal authorities, zoning hearing boards and local governing bodies in Lancaster County in a broad spectrum of matters ranging from advice about the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law, to intricacies of land use and subdivisions, to detailed contract preparation and review. We also advise clients on the impact of county and municipal ordinances and state and federal statutes relevant to municipal activities.

Our attorneys adhere to exemplary professional standards in order to achieve successful outcomes for clients. Our highly skilled attorneys attend all necessary meetings, draft resolutions, ordinances, and decisions, and are available to assist at any time additional input is needed. We believe in a strong proactive approach in providing our clients with a thorough assessment of any foreseeable problematic issues or potential liabilities. We believe the best way to provide quality legal service is to be accessible and responsive to a client’s needs and to keep the lines of communication open.

Our attorneys have in depth knowledge of the unique roles of Township Supervisors, Borough Council Members, Authority Members and their staffs and work closely with each individual to efficiently address their legal needs. We take great pride in our extensive experience of successfully providing thorough and cost effective legal services to zoning hearing boards, various municipalities and municipal authorities.


Boroughs have unique legal needs and often require outside counsel to help them navigate difficult legal issues. At RKG Law, we understand the challenges boroughs encounter and focus on delivering fair results in difficult cases. We can provide strategic legal counsel for whatever difficult issues you may be facing in order to solve disputes before they deteriorate.

We assist boroughs in responding to lawsuits, managing personnel issues, resolving disputes, and conducting hearings.

Municipal Authorities

We represent a broad spectrum of municipal authorities and help them meet a variety of legal needs. We have extensive experience in assisting municipalities and their various offices resolve contract disputes, handle personnel issues, and manage litigation. We also provide ongoing advice regarding changes in the law, ethical concerns, and other legal obligations. Whether your needs are discrete or you are in need of long-term representation, we can deliver the results you need in a timely and cost-effective way.


RKG Law has extensive experience in representing townships across Pennsylvania. We assist these clients with daily operation matters such as employment and personnel issues. We also represent townships in various disputes, including contract issues, real estate and zoning matters, and other types of claims. We understand the unique needs that townships have and the challenges they face. We know how to tailor our services to meet those needs and deliver cost-effective results.

Zoning Hearing Boards

A difficult zoning hearing often yields less than desirable results. Preparation and knowledgeable guidance are critical to an effective and favorable zoning hearing. At RKG Law, we work with various municipal boards to assist them in conducting fair and impartial hearings. We provide guidance on how the law applies to the matter at hand as well as issues involving parliamentary procedure. We can help you manage the notification process, brief you on the issues under review, and generally ensure that your members are fully prepared for the hearing.

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