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Service Details

Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Aggressive Representation in All Areas of Litigation

We have established a solid reputation for successful client representation in virtually all areas of civil law. Our experienced attorneys represent individual and corporate plaintiffs and defendants across a broad spectrum of civil issues. From contract, real estate and construction matters, to leasing and other disputes, we maintain a commitment to economical and expedient resolutions. Whenever possible, we seek to appropriately reach settlement but, in the event settlement is not an option, we are prepared to aggressively litigate on behalf of our clients.

We Can Assist in All Stages of Litigation

Our attorneys successfully represent clients in all forums of litigation including arbitration panels, Magisterial District Justice (small claims) Court, Court of Common Pleas, both Pennsylvania and federal trial and appellate court, along with administrative agencies. We also represent clients in alternative dispute resolution proceedings, such as mediation and arbitration. In all cases, our client’s objectives are pursued effectively, efficiently and aggressively.

Efficiently Pursuing Your Goals

Our firm is mindful of the cost of litigation. We work closely with each client to match the appropriate litigation strategy with our client's circumstances. Our priority is to achieve your objective in a manner that makes sense for your unique need. We have built a solid reputation for delivering effective and efficient litigation outcomes on behalf of our clients.

Recent Updates & Recommended Articles from the Lancaster Law Blog:

  • Teaching Computers Not to Forget Could Cut the Costs of Litigation
    • We trust our computers to handle our to-do lists and calendars because they never forget, right? While computers are good at remembering what we tell them (and a big thank you to Google for remembering my kids’ birthdays), one of the current weaknesses of artificial intelligence (AI) is that it cannot apply what it learns in a different scenario. For example, an AI that learns to play chess does not have a leg up when learning to play checkers. Essentially, computers have a “catastrophic forgetting” problem that forces them to relearn what they already knew just because they are presented with a new project.
  • Mandatory Initial Discovery Pilot Program Aims to Help Save Time and Money
    • Two of the most common complaints I hear as a litigation attorney are “why is it so expensive” and “why does it take so long.” Part of the answer to both questions are the procedural rules for discovery which often end up being both a blessing and a curse. The upside is that parties can fully investigate the factual basis for their claims. The downside is that the exploration comes at a cost of time and money.