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Service Details

Family Law

Our Domestic Relations and Family Law attorneys are experienced in handling a wide-range of family law issues and the legal and emotional challenges which frequently accompany those matters. Each case is unique and we provide representation taking into account the individual interests and needs of each client. Our attorneys will explain the options available to you under the prevailing law and counsel you with regard to the best approach to your specific situation. We are also experienced in other areas of law which specifically impact family law matters such as real estate, taxation, estate planning and administration and business law. Family law clients benefit from our broad range of professional experience and each of our attorneys is committed to providing personal service. For more information regarding our Domestic Relations and Family Law Services please click the related services links on the left. 

Lancaster County Family Law Court: Opening for Business with Lifesize

  • Now that the shock of business and court closures has started to wear off, we are beginning to ask ourselves, “Now what?” Fortunately, the Lancaster County Court is taking that question very seriously. It has started processing legal matters and holding hearings, particularly domestic relations or family law matters, via video conferencing.

Adult Adoptions: Can I Really Adopt a Grownup?

  • During the holiday season we often hear the quintessential phrase “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.” Well, for those of you out there considering adopting someone over the age of eighteen, yes, there is adult adoption.