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Service Details

Technology Law

Effectively representing clients in the 21st century requires not just a thorough understanding of the law applicable to such situations, but an understanding of the underlying technology itself. We stay up to date on the latest technology and related trends to provide a range of services, including in these key areas.

Information Technology and Software Agreements

We regularly represent IT service and support companies regarding their customer contracts. We also work with businesses and individuals in negotiating such agreements. When software is part of the order, we assist customers with software licensing terms and protecting their digital intellectual property.

We also represent businesses and web developers in the drafting and negotiation of website design, development and hosting contracts to help achieve the client’s goals and objectives regarding the creation or redesign of a website.

Consumer Data and Privacy

Data protection and consumer privacy rights continue to be critical issues for our clients. In a world of data breaches and complex regulatory schemes like the EU’s GDPR, you need more than boilerplate website terms of use and privacy policies. We craft custom-tailored policies for our clients based upon the risks they face. We also help clients who have suffered a data breach to rapidly develop an appropriate response based on both legal requirements and practical concerns.

Litigation and Electronic Discovery

Whether a party to litigation or a third-party subjected to a subpoena, from time-to-time it becomes necessary to search for and examine the records in your possession. The prevalence of digital communication, whether email, text, or social platforms, has created a two-edged sword: such information is readily searchable (if you know how to look) but has also dramatically increased the information that must be examined. Our expertise with handling such information gives our clients a powerful advantage in litigation and alternative dispute resolution settings.

Employment Policies and Procedures

Employers in the 21st century need to be prepared to deal with how their employees interact with the digital world, both at work and off hours. We help our clients develop company-specific Internet Use Policies, Social Media Policies, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policies, and more.

Protecting Intellectual Property and Privacy

Social media has become both a blessing and a curse to content creators. While it is easier than ever to share your information, it is easier than ever to copy it as well. Whether that is a creative design, a photograph, a video or a written article, the damage can be significant. Social media has also become a weapon that can be leveled against both individuals and businesses through the spread of false news stories and other forms of online harassment. We help guide clients through social media land mines.

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