Acknowledging the End of 2007: Why or Why Not?

December 31, 2007

Since I am a relative newcomer to the blogosphere, I tried to follow the lead of my counterparts in recognizing the end of the year. I looked around and what I learned is there are no traditions. Most blogs let the year expire without any fanfare or even acknowledgment.

Under “Modern Practices”, January 1st marks a period of remembrance of a particular passing year and includes the making of New Year’s resolutions. The history of resolution is recounted at the GoalsGuy. There are Lists of Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions like the one prepared by Kimberly & Albrecht Powell at Pittsburgh (David Letterman’s 2006 list is all we can refer to now)

There as some good posts on New Year’s Resolutions in the HR World as follows:

My approach will be reflecting on the blessings of the year with my family and hoping for a great 2008. Happy New Year!