AppClose: A Co-Parenting App to Help Parents Communicate Effectively

December 5, 2023
Makayla Gilchrist

Photo by Charlotte May on Pexels

Communication between parents who are co-parenting their children can be difficult and stressful. Fortunately, AppClose, a free co-parenting app that can be downloaded on your phone or tablet, can help parents communicate effectively with the one another. With versions for Android and Apple users, the app has many great features that can help co-parents communicate with each other and keep both parents informed of events, activities, appointments, etc., on their children’s schedules.

AppClose Features

Messenger: The messenger feature lets any user send a text message through the app. Users can communicate with each other one-on-one as well as communicate in group chats. Messages cannot be altered or deleted. Users can see the time the recipient viewed their message. A user can search or export any conversation by date or keyword.

Audio and Video Calling: Users can audio call and video call other users through the app. The app also automatically documents every call that is attempted, missed, or completed.

Calendar: The calendar feature lets users organize different areas of their lives into one calendar. Parents can add their work schedule, their custody period, child’s events, activities, appointments, etc.

Check-in: The check-in feature allows users to keep accurate records of when you arrive or depart a location. This feature can be useful for parents when a problem arises regarding a parent being repeatedly tardy for custody exchanges.

Requests: The request feature allows users to send, receive and pay reimbursement requests for items such as medical/dental expenses, day care, extracurricular activities, school items, etc. Users can scan their receipts. The request feature also allows users to request a change in the custody exchange time or custody period days.

I have clients who prefer using AppClose and enjoy using it to communicate with the other parent versus texting or calling on their phone’s messaging and calling systems. In Lancaster County, the Court recommends that parents communicate with each other through AppClose when the parents struggle to communicate with one another.

If you find yourself in need of an attorney to advise you on custody, methods for communicating effectively with your children’s other parent, and/or more information on AppClose, contact one of our attorneys to discuss how to handle your custody matter.