Clock Ticking on Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty

May 21, 2010

Since April 26 of this year, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue ("PADOR") has been granting amnesty to anyone who pays their delinquent state taxes. Such amnesty was authorized by the Pennsylvania Legislature through Act 48 of 2009 in an attempt to raise sagging state revenues. Through the tax amnesty program, the PADOR is waiving all of the penalties and half of the interest accrued on those delinquent taxes. However, unless it is extended, the amnesty period will end on June 18.

The amnesty generally applies not only to individuals, but businesses, estates and any other tax-paying entities owing delinquent state taxes as of June 30, 2009. Applications for amnesty can only be made on-line, as no paper applications are available. However, payments can be made through a variety of methods, including electronic funds transfer, credit/debit card, check or money order. Cash is accepted, but only if delivered in person to the Department of Revenue’s Harrisburg District office which is located in the lobby of Strawberry Square. Once an application is submitted, a payer may make multiple payments during the tax amnesty period in lieu of one lump sum payment. For more information, please see the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue’s Tax Amnesty homepage.