Have You Thought About Your Estate Plan?

October 19, 2012

As we approach the end of National Estate Planning Awareness Week we hope you will reflect on the status of your estate plan. Proper estate planning can help secure your future by ensuring that your assets are distributed in the way you desire,  providing direction in the event of incapacitation, determining care for your children, and granting you peace of mind.

If you have yet to begin the process, make it a priority to contact an estate planning professional. If you already have begun planning, it is a good time to review your plan to make any needed changes. It is estimated that over 120 million Americans do not have up-to-date estate plans. Whether your estate planning documents are incomplete due to changes in your life or nonexistent, the lack of a current estate plan can cost your friends and family financial hardship and emotional distress. These problems can be easily minimized with the proper advanced planning,  so don’t let another day go by without making the proper preparations.