How Important is Farming in Lancaster County?

February 12, 2016
Aaron S. Marines

Farming is more important to the economy of Lancaster County and Pennsylvania than you may imagine.  At the February 11 Ag Issues Forum, presented by the Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mike Peachey and Lisa Riggs discussed just how much agriculture benefits all of Lancaster County.  Peachey, a director of Lancaster County Agriculture Council talked about the impacts:

  • The actual products taken from Lancaster County farms – the milk, eggs, produce, etc., produce 1.5 billion dollars yearly.
  • The additional income generated by Lancaster County farms — including food processing, sales, equipment manufacturing and maintenance, etc., generate another $6.7 billion each year.
  • Additional agricultural related services, like fuel, electricity and consulting generates another $2 billion.
  • Farmers and farm workers make up 2% of the population of Lancaster County. Farming accounts for 21% of the total economy of Lancaster County.
  • Lancaster County is responsible for over 20% of the agricultural revenue for the entire state of Pennsylvania. For poultry, this rises to 36% of the entire state.

We all benefit from the beauty of the farmland that surrounds us every day but it’s good to be reminded of the actual economic impact as well.  We are fortunate to call Lancaster County home.

Aaron Marines is an attorney at Russell, Krafft & Gruber, LLP, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He received his law degree from Widener University and practices in a variety of areas including Land Use, Land Planning and Zoning matters.