Increased Occupancy up to 75% for Bars and Restaurants in PA – Effective April 4

March 17, 2021
Aaron K. Zeamer

The Governor’s office has just announced that bars and restaurants can, starting at midnight on April 4, 2021, begin operating at 75% capacity, provided they have completed the self-certification process.

Self-Certification to Increase Capacity

For those that didn’t self-certify, that process is done online and requires you to certify that you will comply with CDC and Department of Health guidance relating to public health and safety measures to stem the spread of COVID-19. If you have not self-certified (and do not wish to now), you will be allowed to operate at 50% capacity. Currently, locations that don’t self-certify must operate at 25% capacity.

Regardless of whether you have self-certified or not, requirements such as mask-wearing and social distancing still apply.

Relaxation of Other Restrictions

In addition, the following current restrictions will also be lifted:

  • there will no longer be a requirement that a meal be served in order to purchase alcohol
  • alcohol service will be permitted to continue past 11 pm
  • bar seating will again be permitted, however, social distancing and/or physical barriers are still required

For events and/or event venues, capacity limits will be increased to 25% for indoor events and at least 50% capacity for outdoor events.

This increased occupancy is great news for Pennsylvania’s hospitality industry and should allow for many places to begin consistently operating in a way that is actually profitable.  If you have any questions concerning the announcement, please do not hesitate to contact the attorneys at Russell Krafft & Gruber.