Lancaster County Domestic Relations Office Moves

November 10, 2008

There is an adage that "change does not necessarily assure progress but progress requires change". In the case of the Lancaster County Domestic Relations Office, the change in office location assures progress. The office recently moved from its previous location on East King Street to a new location on the second floor of 150 North Queen Street, Lancaster, the former Armstrong building. Parking on that block of Queen Street is prohibited so be sure to park in either the Prince Street or Duke Street garage.

The new office is a welcome improvement from the prior office. For example, the waiting area is much larger so there is adequate seating for all clients. It is large enough that clients do not have to worry that they will be forced to sit next to the opposing party, which, under many circumstances, is uncomfortable. The office no longer shares space with the probation office, which means less crowding in the waiting area. In addition, the furnishings are professional and brand new. Individual conference rooms are accessed through a separate entrance inside the office so clients and their counsel do not have to walk through the office visible to all personnel. Having to appear at the Domestic Relations office can be a stressful experience, often occurring at an emotionally-charged time. However, the improved physical surroundings have been long overdue and now provide a new level of professionalism.