Legal and Financial Aspects of Tax-Exempt Organizations

August 6, 2009

Matthew Grosh will be on the faculty for the National Business Institute, Legal and Financial Aspects of Tax-Exempt Organizations on August 10, 2009. This seminar is an opportunity for Nonprofit business professionals such as Attorneys, Accountants, CPAs, CFOs, Presidents, Executive Directors, Vice Presidents, Officers and Trustees, Enrolled Agents, and In-House Counsel to continue their education. The seminar will cover How to become Tax-Exempt, Financial and Tax Considerations, Lobbying and Political Activities, Changing Regulatory Environment, Ethical Considerations, Advising Directors and Officers of Tax-Exempt Organizations, and Maintaining Tax-Exempt Status.

Program Summary – "Build a Comprehensive Understand of Practical Foundational Nonprofit Concepts."

7 Benefits of Attending

  • Gain practical knowledge on Form 990 to ensure your client’s compliance with IRS standards.
  • Save your clients money: learn about special exceptions available to nonprofits.
  • Make sure your client’s fundraising and political activities go off without a hitch – get an insider’s grasp of regulations governing lobbying and charity work.
  • Don’t miss any important steps in applying for exempt status – let our faculty walk you through the process.
  • Ensure your clients full disclosure by crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s on Form 1023.
  • Find out how recent legislative efforts and court decisions will affect your practice.
  • Clearly outline the duties and liabilities of officers, directors, and managers to protect your clients from inadvertently breaking the law.

If you are interested in attending you can register at the National Business Institute website.