Legal Links – August 28, 2015

August 28, 2015

On Fridays, we compile and post Legal Links, a list of legal news, reported cases, community events and topics of interest to Lancaster residents and readers of the Lancaster Law Blog.

1.  Ephrata Police at the forefront of life saving techniques. On Friday August 21st, Sgt. Eric Schmitt became the first officer in Lancaster County to save someone from a heroin overdose through the use of Narcan. Lancaster County is only the third county in Pennsylvania to complete the training required to be able to use Narcan. Capital BlueCross has provided over $50,000 worth of the drug to law enforcement in 21 counties in Pennsylvania in order to combat the increasing number of heroin overdose. The drug is believed to have saved between 150-200 lives in the short period of time it has been in use in Pennsylvania.  If you’d like to learn more, check out Lancaster Online’s story found here.

2.  Craft beer drinkers unite! Lancaster Craft Beerfest is back and better than ever. For $40 you get an all access ticket and all the 3oz beer samples you can drink, but be sure to purchase your ticket before heading down town as tickets won’t be sold at the door. Not a beer drinker but don’t want to miss out on the fun? Designated driver tickets are also available and come with all the root beer you can safely drink. Don’t have a friend with a penchant for root beer? Lancaster Craft Beerfest has teamed up with Uber Lancaster to provide safe transportation.  Check out the Beerfest’s website to get a code for a free ride up to $20 at

3.  Jordan’s multi-million dollar suit. Michael Jordan was awarded $8.9 million by a jury who determined that a grocery store chain’s use of his name without his permission violated his rights. Jordan, whose net worth is estimated to be over $1.1 billion, has pledged to give all $8.9 million dollars to Chicago charities. Forbes has an interesting take on the tax implications of Jordan’s charitable donations here: Michael Jordan Nets Multimillion Dollar Verdict, Pledges To Give It Away.

4.  Law Review – Judge Joe Brown goes directly to jail, does not pass Go, does not collect $200. Judge Joe Brown, wasn’t playing Monopoly, though. Brown is in the news for reportedly being sent to prison for a five-day sentence for contempt of court which occurred before a juvenile court judge in 2014.

In Pennsylvania, a person can be held in contempt of court for disobedience, neglect or misbehavior that obstructs administration of justice or the lawful process of the court. 42 Pa.C.S. Section 4132.

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