Legal Links – November 20, 2015

November 20, 2015

On Fridays, we compile and post Legal Links, a list of legal news, reported cases, community events and topics of interest to Lancaster residents and readers of the Lancaster Law Blog.

  1. The Extra Give. The Extraordinary Give is Lancaster County’s largest day of online giving, helping charities that support a wide variety of causes impacting Lancaster County. As of this writing, there have been more than 22,000 gifts totaling over $3.2 million.

It’s not too late to contribute on behalf of your favorite local charity: download the app built by the talented folks at Industrial Resolution or visit the website at

To check out some of the individuals and organizations that have already supported one or more charities, search for #IGiveExtra or #ExtraGive on Facebook or Twitter.

  1. Only in Central PA… Cheering crowds at the Harrisburg Marathon witnessed a somewhat unusual sight at this years’ race: Leroy Stolzfus clocks a 3:05 at Harrisburg Marathon in full Amish garb.
  1. Bridge Repairs. Hopefully you haven’t been caught in traffic heading east on Route 30 from York to Lancaster over the past week, which was caused by a truck driver transporting a backhoe that didn’t quite clear an overpass.

PennDOT has now announced that it is seeking approximately $400,000 for crash damage from the responsible parties.

  1. Turkey Prep. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays – so much so that I have committed to not one, but five Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving dinners. I’m also committed to ensure that the highest standards of turkey preparation have been followed, which must include a proper spatchcocking.

Cooking a turkey and want to speed up the process? Learn how, courtesy of Garlic Poet executive Chef Kurt Wewer, here: How to spatchcock your Thanksgiving turkey

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