Legal Links – October 23, 2015

October 23, 2015

On Fridays, we compile and post Legal Links, a list of legal news, reported cases, community events and topics of interest to Lancaster residents and readers of the Lancaster Law Blog.

1.  That’s Not Yelping Anyone. We fell for it too. In the latest example of why you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the Internet, Yelp is not suing South Park for $10 million dollars, or any sum of money for that matter.

A satirical article recently went viral describing the “lawsuit,” which was supposedly in response to a recent episode of South Park, “You’re Not Yelping.” Read more about the farce here: No, Yelp Is Not Suing ‘South Park’ for $10 Million

If you’re interested, here’s the original article that started the controversy.

2.  Think Local, Drink Local – Zeroday and Arooga’s help local Habitat for Humanity Chapter. Harrisburg’s Zeroday Brewing Company and Arooga’s Grille House & Sports Bar have teamed up to benefit a local Habitat for Humanity chapter. Learn more about the partnership and how you can help here.

This isn’t the first time a local brewery and Habitat for Humanity have crossed paths: in 2014, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore opened in the former location of Tröegs brewery in Harrisburg. Learn more about how the ReStore helps Habitat for Humanity and the local community here: Used Goods, New Homes: Harrisburg’s ReStore helps Habitat for Humanity fulfill its mission

3.  The Other Side of the Story. The much maligned story about a woman who sued her 12 year old nephew because she broke her wrist when he greeted her at a party four years ago has another side to the story: she was never comfortable suing him in the first place.

This story reminded me of another famously misunderstood and misreported legal story where, when considering all the facts, you might change your mind: The Facts of the McDonald’s Coffee Case.

4.  It’s Official: Wegmans is coming to Lancaster County. Add Wegmans to Lancaster County’s impressive list of options to buy food. It’s not here just yet, though – the store is anticipated to open sometime in 2018. Read more about the project here.

In the meantime, don’t miss out on the many road-side stands and farmer’s markets that Lancaster County has to offer, including RKG favorites Lancaster Central Market and The Green Dragon.

5.  National Estate Planning Awareness Week. We are wrapping up National Estate Planning Awareness Week.  Have you been following our articles on the Lancaster Law Blog?   Read more about preparing to meet with an attorney, choosing a fiduciary and dying without a Will.

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