National Small Business Week: May 16-20 2011

May 17, 2011

This week from May 16 – 20, is National Small Business Week. National Small Business week was proclaimed in 1963 to recognize the positive contributions small businesses make to the United States economy. Here are a few facts about small businesses from the National Small Business Week website:

  • There are an estimated 27.2 million small business owners in the United States.
  • More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business.
  • Small businesses are responsible for creating 60-80 percent of new jobs in the country.
  • Small businesses drive innovation, create 21st century jobs and increase U.S. competitiveness.

Our law firm has the privilege of working with many small businesses in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We developed the Lancaster Law Blog to provide a legal resource to those businesses operating in our community. In honor of the contribution that small businesses make to our economy and our local community we would like to highlight some of our blog posts that provide small businesses with information to ensure that their businesses prosper. We continually post updates on issues relevant to small businesses. To ensure that you are receiving these updates I would encourage small business owners to subscribe by entering their email in the text bar underneath our categories section on the left hand side of the page.

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