Pennsylvania’s First ever BMI Bowl

September 7, 2007

Since I know nothing about science, I took an unscientific approach to the question of whether BMI is a good measure of health. I made an assumption that professional athletes are in good shape. So I calculated the BMIs for various Pennsylvania and other sports rosters and compared them with the Body Mass Index Table.  Results: Philadelphia Eagles edge Pittsburgh Steelers with the highest average BMI and Roster Percentage of BMI over 30. MVP of the BMI Bowl is Nick Cole (BMI 47.46).

 Here are how the teams finished in the BMI Bowl:

TEAM Average  BMI % Roster with BMI  >   30 
    Philadelphia Eagles    32.77    62.96%
    Pittsburgh Steelers    31.84    56.7%
    Pittsburgh Pirates    27.30    9.67%
    Philadelphia Phillies    27.16    3.1%
    Philadelphia Flyers    26.82    0%
    Pittsburgh Penguins    26.58    4.5%
    Philadelphia 76ers    24.51    0%
    Detroit Shock (WNBA)    23.26    0%
1996 U.S. Olympic Women’s Gymnastics    18.79    0%