Personal Financial Issues in the Workplace

April 9, 2009

In tough economic times, businesses tend to focus on larger issues such as their bottom lines, falling profit projections, and the streamlining of production. However a key component in the health of a business is often overlooked – the effects that economically stressed employees can have on their employers. Such effects include personal bankruptcies, wage attachments, theft and a decline in productivity caused by the psychological stress. Thus it is essential for employers to understand the key factors at play and implement sound policies to minimize damage.

  • Stress and Loss of Productivity   Like many other types of psychological stress, anxiety caused by economic problems prevents employees from focusing on their work. Simply put, employers are getting less production per dollar of wages or salary paid. While identifying those in need of psychological counseling will help, many businesses have had success providing economic counseling and education as well to make their employees more financially literate. Please click here for more detailed information from the Partnership for Workplace Mental Health on combating the effects of such stress.

Other issues that will arise more frequently in the coming months include:

We addressed these issues in a blog post in April 2008, when we still referred to the condition of our economy as only an “economic downturn” but the general principles still apply. Please review this post to learn more about legal limitations placed on employer actions with regard to an employee’s financial problems.