Preordering an iPhone X tonight? Unfreeze Your Credit Reports

October 26, 2017

As Apple fans everywhere well know, the iPhone X is available for preorder on Friday, October 27 at 3:01 am EDT. If you followed my advice from last week by freezing your credit reports and you’re planning on preordering from Apple or your carrier of choice, make sure you temporarily unfreeze your credit reports if you’re the account holder. If you’re on a family plan, make sure that the account holder either does not have their credit reports frozen or goes through the process to unfreeze their reports. Most cell phones are purchased using an installment sale contract, and therefore require a credit report request.

Each credit reporting agency has a slightly different process for temporarily lifting a freeze – it can typically be accomplished either for a particular credit grantor or for a specified period of time. Depending on the manner in which you lift the freeze, there might be associated fees. Here are links for how to accomplish this for each major credit reporting agency:

Experian: How to Lift a Security Freeze

Equifax: How do I temporarily lift a security freeze on my file for a creditor?

TransUnion: TransUnion Credit Freeze (you need to access your account before accessing the instructions)

Once your credit reports are unfrozen, you’re in the clear to get in your preorder. All indications are there will be a lot of demand and low supply of the iPhone X, so here are a few tips based on my past experiences for preorder success.

  1. Read and apply the concepts in the above blog post 🙂 .
  2. Set an alarm for 2:45 am EDT, and another alarm for 2:50 am. If applicable, warn your significant other of the alarm and consider buying them a small gift for interrupting their slumber. Do not set your alarm tone to The Circle of Life from the Lion King. While it is a great way to start the day, at 2:45 am, your partner will likely disagree.
  3. If preordering from Apple, make sure you have downloaded the Apple Store app in advance. I typically have Apple’s iPhone page open on my Mac and the Apple Store app open on my iPad to try to get through. If preordering through your carrier, check out these tips from 9to5Mac: Roundup: Carrier details and tips for preordering iPhone X
  4. Keep refreshing. Usually there is a mad rush, and sometimes with the demand it is difficult to get through. In the past I have gotten through pretty quickly without issues, other times I have given up after an hour of trying and ordered in the morning.

I hope these tips help you get your preorder in successfully, and good luck! If you’re up at 3:00 am, feel free to chat with me on Twitter.

Matt Landis is an attorney at Russell, Krafft & Gruber, LLP, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He received his law degree from Widener University Commonwealth School of Law and works regularly with business owners and entrepreneurs.