Public Service Announcement: 10 Digit Dialing Starts Tomorrow (August 26, 2017)

August 25, 2017
Brandon S. Harter

For a long time after I moved to Lancaster County I kept my area code 570 cell phone number. Every time I gave that number to a store clerk they would stop, have to quickly delete the 717 they typed automatically, and ask me to repeat my number again. Revenge comes tomorrow when all calls throughout the 717 area code will require 10 digit dialing. Too late for me though, since I switched to 717 last year. Drat.

This process is part of adding a new overlay area code, area code 223, that will be assigned to new numbers later this year because we are about to run out of numbers to give out. To prepare for tomorrow’s switch, think about:

  • Adding the 717 area code to your cell phone contacts;
  • Making sure any call forwarding systems include the 717 area code so the messages reach you;
  • Making sure your clients and vendors have their area code entered into your company’s contact database; and
  • Adding the 717 area code to your website and other marketing materials (to confirm to your customers you do not have one of the new 223 numbers).

Additional information on the change can be found on the Pennsylvania Utility Commission’s website and in LancasterOnline’s continuing coverage of this issue.

Brandon Harter is an attorney and technology guru at Russell, Krafft & Gruber, LLP, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He received his law degree from William & Mary Law School and advises clients on issues of Business LawCivil Litigation & Dispute ResolutionMunicipal Law, and Information Technology & Internet Law.