Reminder: EEO-1 Report with New Format due September 30, 2007

September 10, 2007

EEO-1 reports under the new reporting format are due at the end of the month.  On line access to the form can be obtained from the EEOC website.   Filing information and technical assistance are also available on line.  E-mail extension requests can be made, but are not guaranteed.

There are several areas of change in the EEO-1 Form and some guidance on collecting information.  Employers have always faced a dilemma on how to collect the information. The EEOC previously encouraged employers to identify the race and/or ethnicity of their employees by visual inspection.   The EEOC now prefers that employers gather data through voluntarily self-reporting by employees.

The new EEO-1 Reports also have revised job categories for "Officials and Managers" by dividing it into two categories based on responsibility and influence within the organization as follows:

  • Executive/Senior Level Officials and Managers (plan, direct and formulate policy, set strategy and provide overall direction; in larger organizations, within two reporting levels of CEO)
  • First/Mid-Level Officials and Managers (direct implementation or operations within specific parameters set by Executive/Senior Level Officials and Managers; oversee day-to-day operations)

The revised EEO-1 also will move business and financial occupations from the Officials and Managers category to the Professionals category (to improve data for analyzing trends in mobility of minorities and women within Officials and Managers).

The new EEO-1 Report also made the following changes to the race and ethnic categories:

  • the addition of a new category entitled “Two or more races”;
  • the separation of “Asian” and “Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander” into two categories;
  • the replacement of the category “Black” with “Black or African American”; and
  • the replacement of the category “Hispanic” with “Hispanic or Latino.”

The revised EEO-1 Report can be found at: EEOC revised EEO-1 Report.  Additional information from the EEOC about the revised form can be found at: Q&A: Revisions to the EEO-1 Report.