Reminder for Nonprofits: Form 990 Due on May 17

May 10, 2010

We would like to pass along a reminder from our friends at the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations: annual tax returns for tax-exempt organizations (IRS Form 990) are due on May 17.  The annual returns are usually due on March 15, but that date falls on a Saturday this year, so the IRS extended the deadline to the next business day.  While not all nonprofit organizations are required to file, an organization can lose its tax-exempt status if it is required to file and fails to timely do so.  If you are unsure whether your nonprofit organization is required to file, please visit and enter the appropriate information.  To find out which 990 form your organization is required to file please visit,,id=217087,00.html.

As I discussed in a previous blog post, remember that Form 990 can be a useful fundraising tool.