Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Lancaster County Convention Center at Penn Square

June 19, 2009

June 19, 2009

Yesterday Craig Russell and I attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of the Lancaster County Convention Center and Penn Square Marriott. We have served as solicitors for the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority since July 2007, and it has been an interesting and challenging assignment. We appreciate the opportunity to work with dedicated and capable Authority employees Kevin Molloy, Mary Ellen Davis and Lynette Colon, as well as Board Chairman Art Morris and other Board members, who volunteer their time and have provided talent, judgment and commitment to the project.

As you can imagine, everyone at yesterday’s ceremony was excited and in a great mood. The contributions of politicians and community leaders, contractors and construction managers, architects, and owners were acknowledged.   For us, who reviewed countless two dimensional plans and documents referring to various spaces, it was great to see the real building, not a concept, computer model or something on paper. We discussed that one of the most gratifying things about doing real estate development work is the opportunity to see a tangible and enduring end result. That is surely the case with the Lancaster County Convention Center, and we appreciate the opportunity to be part of the project.

P.S. We had dinner at the Penn Square Grille, which is located on street level facing King Street, where Appel & Weber used to be. Let me recommend it – beautiful, gracious service and fantastic menu and food.