Sesquicentennial Anniversary of the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge Burning

June 28, 2013

Columbia-Wrightsville bridgeFriday, June 28 marks the 150th Anniversary of the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge Burning. On this night the Confederate troops were positioned to cross the Susquehanna River to invade Harrisburg, and then Lancaster and Philadelphia.  Their plans were derailed when Union troops retreating from York joined members of the Pennsylvania militia and a company of African American militiamen from Camp William Penn on the York County side of the river.  An article from the Sunday News provides a detailed look back at the events that occurred 150 years ago. 

The Columbia-Wrightsville bridge is of particular interest to us as our Lancaster office is located only a few miles east of this beautiful historic Lancaster County landmark. You may have noticed The Lancaster Law Blog features a picture of the bridge in the mast head. 

The Flames Across the Susquehanna event is planned to commemorate this anniversary on Friday evening, June 28 at 6:30 pm.  You can view this event from the grounds of John Wright Restaurant on North Front Street, Wrightsville.  After the opening ceremony, the 25 brazier-topped piers that once supported the covered bridge will be set aflame.  Fireworks will follow at 10:00 pm.  You can read further details about the specific preparation for the event on

If you are interested in learning more about Lancaster County history please visit: and Also, one of our blog post from 2009 contains additional information on Columbia-Wrightsville bridge.