The Latest in PA Liquor Sale News

April 27, 2012

Pennsylvania lawmakers are continuing in their efforts to find a way to privatize or hybridize liquor sales in the state. House Bill 11, which was introduced last summer, has undergone another round of modifications with a goal of bringing in more revenue and satisfying the interests of legislators, current licensees and the Governor. The latest round of changes would include:

  • Permitting beer distributors to sell six-packs
  • Increasing the number of retail licenses to be sold from 1,250 to 1,600
  • Allowing beer distributors to purchase up to 10 retail licenses to sell wine and liquor, then auctioning off the remainder by counties

These are just some of the changes proposed in the new version of the bill, and while they seem to be a considerable step toward privatization, there is still a long way to go and a lot of groups to convince before this bill becomes a new law in Pennsylvania. For more details about the bill, see Another round for Pennsylvania’s wine and liquor store fight.

In addition to the activities in the House, Giant Food Store in Susquehanna Township received approval to sell beer from the PLCB. By the fall, this Giant location will join approximately 75 Pennsylvania grocery stores in giving customers an option to purchase a limited amount of beer.