What’s A Blog?

December 15, 2006

A few weeks ago when we made the decision to launch the Pennsylvania Employment Law Blog, we knew this was not the usual manner in which lawyers communicate with their clients, friends and associates.  However, we were pleased to have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a growing trend in the legal community.  We did not anticipate the most frequently asked question as we started telling everyone about our exciting new project – "What’s a Blog?" 


For those of you who are already a card carrying member of the Blogosphere, please skip to the last paragraph of this posting, for all others we will share what we learned during development of this blog.  Wikipedia defines a blog as "a user generated website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order."  Blog readership has grown 60 fold in the last three years capturing more than 30% of all internet users. A blog is a web page with frequent, short postings on a particular subject matter. You may be familiar with this concept as it relates to personal blogs that are used to keep family and friends updated, but we learned that most people were unfamiliar with how it could be used professionally.  It provides us an additional opportunity to serve our clients and the business community.    We chose this medium because it will allow us to communicate with you in real time.  Many of you don’t have time to browse paper or even electronic newsletters to determine if there is an article that is of interest to you, and it sometimes takes too long for us to publish the information.  Enter the Business Blog. 


Employment Law can be a complex subject.  The Pennsylvania Employment Law Blog will provide you practical information to help you negotiate the maze of employment law and apply it to your situation.  Some postings will relate to current events, a new court decision, changes in law or discussions regarding a local or national news story.  Other postings will be on issues that clients have asked about or that we feel will be of interest.  We will also provide links to other internet resources.  All postings are searchable by topic or text, allowing you to view our blog at your convenience and perform a search on the subject that is of interest to you at that time.  Postings will be relatively brief so we hope that you will bookmark the site and check back on a regular basis.  You may also use the link to subscribe via email so that you will be informed when there is a new posting.  For our technologically savvy readers, subscribe using RSS/XML.  Also, please post questions and comments.  Our goal is to make this site an interactive way to stay in touch with all of our clients and associates.  Please join us as we venture into the Blogosphere.