Why we Blog?

September 19, 2007

Tony Karrer of eLearning Technology has an older post on Top Ten Reasons to Blog and Top Ten Not to Blog. This post has a great summary of blogger motivations collected from those who do it. 

We all have our reasons. For example,  there are a lot of business reasons for doing it, but that’s not what sustains my efforts. From my perspective, blogging is social networking in an intellectual forum (and without the drunken photos of MySpace and FaceBook). 

There is an amorphous network of human resource bloggers out there whom I will probably never meet face to face (thanks to the restraining order they filed). I find their posts thought provoking, but also fun.  The network also has a regular carnival which moves around to different blogs, its competitive with HR Power Rankings, its creative with cool aliases like Execupundit  and  Evil HR Lady, but mostly it shares ideas about human resources subjects from different perspectives.

I thank those who have read, commented and referred to this blog.