Workers’ Compensation Insurance Discount for PA Certified Safety Committee

May 24, 2007

Pennsylvania law allows for a 5% annual discount on workers’ compensation insurance premiums to employers that  establish a certified safety committee.

To qualify for the insurance discount, an employer must establish a safety committee that meets certain requirements, fill out a committee certification application, and have it approved by the Department of Labor and Industry.

The requirements for a committee are as follows:

  • Committees must have a minimum of 2 employer and 2 employee representatives, meet monthly and be in operation for at least 6 full months.
  • All committee members must be trained by qualified trainers in safety committee operation, hazard inspection and accident investigation.
  • Committee meeting agendas, attendance lists and meeting minutes must be kept.

The Department of Labor and Industry Website has the following helpful links:

Process Overview:

Certification Process Overview

Application for Initial Certification:

Online Filing using HandS 

PDF Application (LIBC-372) 

Application for Renewal Certification:

Apply for Renewal Certification

Help in Getting Certified:

Health & Safety Division Contact Information

Safety Committee Technical Assistance Manual

Required Committee Member Training

Certified Employer Network