A Thank You to RKG’s Volunteers with the Lancaster Bar Association (LBA)

March 24, 2022
Brandon S. Harter

This post was originally published on February 24, 2021 and updated on March 24, 2022.

RKG’s team is committed not just to helping our clients but to supporting the health of the entire legal community. The Lancaster Bar Association (LBA) has adapted well during the pandemic and has continued to find ways to help not only lawyers but the community as well.

Its referral programs for clients and its partnership with the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce to pair lawyers with businesses feeling the pandemic crunch have both been very successful. We are proud to help support the organization with our time and efforts.

We thank these folks for stepping up to the plate through the LBA for 2022:

The LBA is a great example of how vibrant a legal community can be. It provides more than just a place for lawyers to organize. It affords a chance to give back through reduced-cost services, funding important programs like CASA, and free services to first responders (and teachers!) who need to plan for end-of-life situations.

And no, the “bar association” is not the name of a professional association of lawyers because of our proclivity towards alcohol. The name comes from the traditional practice of dividing a court with a wooden railing, i.e., the “bar,” marking off the area around the judge’s seat. When a practitioner is admitted to the bar after passing the bar exam, it symbolically empowers them to move beyond the bar to the area where lawyers and judges practice law.

Thank you to the RKG team members listed above for committing to help improve Lancaster County’s legal community! And thank you to all of our team members who teach CLEs, provide pro bono legal services, and find other ways to benefit our community.