Category: Divorce

Location, Location, Location

January 12, 2009
Location isn’t just important when you’re looking to buy a home, but also when you may be thinking about a divorce. The practice of one party filing a divorce in a far removed county from the residence of either...

Fault vs. No Fault Divorce

January 11, 2009
There are essentially two types of divorce in Pennsylvania, fault and no fault. A fault divorce requires one spouse to prove the other has done one of the following: Deserted him or her without a reasonable cause for at least...

It Isn’t Over

December 1, 2008
The day finally arrives. Your attorney calls you or perhaps notifies you in writing that the Divorce Decree has been handed down. At long last (maybe six months, maybe a year, maybe even three or four years) it is finally...

Is Divorce Really On The Rise?

October 23, 2008
I believe there is a general assumption that the divorce rate in Pennsylvania and around the country is continually rising. It seems we are constantly bombarded with the statement that "half of all marriages end in...